Displays and sponsorship

The NSW Adult Literacy & Numeracy Council (NSW ALNC) is pleased to offer a a variety of opportunities for organisations and businesses to engage with conference participants.

About ACAL

What we do

The Australian Council for Adult Literacy promotes adult literacy and numeracy policy and practice.

  • We provide leadership in Australian debate on adult literacy and numeracy practices and policy

  • We build understanding of adult literacy and numeracy issues

  • We advocate for equitable adult literacy and numeracy provision for all Australians

  • We build links between people, organisations and systems; the participants and stakeholders in the adult literacy and numeracy field.

  • We work with other organisations on issues of mutual concern.

And we do it by

  • Providing a forum for debate on issues in adult literacy practice in Australia in the form of national forums and annual conferences

  • Providing information on current policies and services in adult literacy practice in Australia and promoting community awareness of adult literacy issues

  • Raising awareness of professional and practitioner issues among government, industry and nongovernment peak bodies

  • Promoting the recognition of adult literacy teaching as a profession

  • Promoting the broadening of equitable and accessible adult literacy provision

  • Promoting research into adult literacy to inform both policy and practice

  • Collaborating with other professional bodies concerned with Australian language and literacy education

The 2013 national conference is being hosted by our affiliate, the NSW Adult Literacy and Numeracy Council. Like ACAL, NSW ALNCis a not-for-profit, voluntary association whose members are drawn from a range of adult literacy practitioners, providers, and supporters in vocational and educational settings and from the broader community.

Who will attend the conference?

This conference attracts around 200 participants from all over Australia, comprising adult literacy, language and numeracy teachers, program managers, government officers and researchers, teacher educators and academics, project participants and policy analysts.

Your Investment

Sponsorship is a most cost effective way to reach this diverse group. Every ACAL conference participant has the ability to increase sales and promotion of your product and services through direct interaction with your organisation and the products or services you represent. Sponsorship offers you many benefits including the opportunity to:

Sponsorship Opportunities

The following sponsorship options are available.

1. Choice of tailored packages

2. Conference Handbook $3,000

3. Conference Bag $1,000

4. Conference Exhibition $500

5. Conference Web Sponsor $300

6. Conference emails $200 per email distribution

7. Advertising in Conference Handbook

8. Stationery (items supplied by sponsor)

9. Pack Inserts $250

Want to chat or make a booking?

Contact the Conference Secretariat, Don MacDowall on 03 9546 6892 or info@acal.edu.au to discuss your needs

Details of Opportunities

1. Tailored Packages

The following packages will provide excellent sale opportunities for your product at our conference.

Summary of Sponsorship Package Benefits








Prominent display of signage in main Plenary Room

Acknowledgment and logo on the Conference website with a link to your organization’s website




Logo placement on event web site




Full page program advertisement




Half page program advertisement




Quarter page program advertisement




Logo placement in program (relative size)




Bag Inserts (sponsor to supply)




Exhibit space (equipment/Internet connection extra)

2 tables

1 table


Registration (transferable to client/participant)

2 full time places

1 full time place

50% discount on any option

Alternatively you can tailor your own package from the individually priced items and gain a level of visibility and profile through sponsoring speakers, events or major components of the conference.

Conference enhancements

You can provide items that are a normal and important part of any conference - from bags to pens and note pad - or you can provide “the little extra” that enhances the event and highlights your products or services.

2. Conference Handbook $3,000

The Conference Handbook, containing speaker information, conference program and exhibition information will be provided to participants attending the conference.

3. Conference Bag $1,000

Each participant will receive a bag to carry during the Conference and for use beyond the event. The Conference and sponsoring organisation logo will be placed on every bag (artwork and logo placement to be approved by NSW ALNC).

4. Conference Exhibition $500

Conference breaks will be located within the exhibition area to ensure that your organisation has excellent exposure to participants.

5. Conference Web Sponsor $300

The Conference website will be the key source of information about the program, venue and registration. It will be frequently updated and be regularly promoted in emails to over 1,000 people and organisations in the field.

6. Conference emails $200 per email distribution

Reach over 1,000 people in the LLN field even if they don’t attend the conference by having your logo and a web link on the promotional emails sent out at least four times prior to the conference.

7. Advertising in Conference Handbook

The Conference Handbook will contain the extended conference program and list exhibitors, program, sessions, social events, biographies, abstracts and other essential information for attendees. Inserted into every bag, the handbook is the participant's key document during the conference. Advertising space is available at the following rates:

Mono or colour


The preferred format for advertising artwork is print quality Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please email artwork to the Event Manager at info@acal.edu.au

Space will be allocated in order of receipt of application and payment. Applications for advertising in the

conference handbook with camera-ready copy must be received by no later than August 12, 2013.

Advertisements and specifications for supplied ads

Artwork is to be supplied by sponsor and approved by NSW ALNC.

All copy will be accepted by email in the following formats:

8. Stationery (items supplied by sponsor) .

No charge in lieu of supply - sponsor supplies the items

Participants will each receive a writing pad and pen in their Conference bag. The sponsor can supply pads, pens and stationery for each participant, branded with company logo .

9. Pack Inserts $250

Organisations can include a promotional insert in the participant bag (1 x A4 flyer up to 4 pages). Other insert sizes or products by negotiation.

Conference Secretariat

Please contact the Conference Secretariat, Don MacDowall on 03 9546 6892 or info@acal.edu.au to discuss your needs.