2013 ACAL pre-conference

Adult literacy and numeracy: Research informing practice; practice informing research

30 September, 2013

Theme and aims

Adult literacy and numeracy practitioners have been working in an increasingly changing and challenging environment. Yet, there has not been a corresponding level of research into how practitioners and learners are experiencing this environment, nor have many practitioners had the opportunity to inform their practice and innovation with scholarly research.

The aim of this pre-conference forum is to examine what has been happening in the nexus between research and practice in adult literacy and numeracy and to set an agenda for ACAL and the field. This will involve listening to practitioners and researchers about what research they believe is needed in the field, and how new practitioners and researchers might go about enacting such an agenda.

Who should attend?

All stakeholders of the adult literacy and numeracy field who are interested in:

What is the program for the pre-conference forum?

The one-day forum will be organised around the following questions, and will involve a few invited speakers and workshopping of ideas by all participants.

What research is being undertaken in adult literacy and numeracy, and by whom and why: internationally and locally?

Short overviews by members of an international panel

Is research informing adult literacy and numeracy practice, and if so, how? Is practice informing research, and if so, how?

Roundtable discussions in small groups

Report back to whole group

Reflections from panel members

What research is needed by stakeholders in adult literacy and numeracy?

Roundtable discussions in small groups according to

Practitioner perspectivesACAL globe

Provider perspectives

Policy perspectives

Industry and employers’ perspectives

Researchers’ perspectives

Report back to whole group

How can the adult literacy and numeracy field support new researchers to link research and practice?

Reflections from a doctoral student

Reflections from a practitioner researcher

Workshopping ideas and approaches in small groups

Building research capabilities