Conference themes

Subject to change without notice

Eight conference themes run through the conference

In addition there is a double session (Wednesday, E5 and F5) colloquium 'Literacies, multi-modalities and learning in museums'.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Group A sessions (choose 1 of 7)

Creating educational pathways

Developing the L&N workforce

Interrogating theories and policies

Embedding LLN in VET

Working with VET products

Improving people's lives

Innovative learning environments

A1 Programme planning in a new learning environment

A2 Critical revisioning

A3 Who are we trying to kid?

A4 ISC Foundation skills & Well broker network

A5 Pathways to work

A6 Reparation through reading

A7 Garbara Indigenous music competition using Indigenous bands

Group B sessions (choose 1 of 7)


B1 I'm going to be a nurse

B2 Learning at work

B3 Applying the ACSF for assessment in LLNP

B4 Embedding LLN into vocationally specific programs

B5 Foundation skills delivery and integrated skills support

B6 The literacy & numeracy demands of the prison environment

B7 Digital storytelling - Sudanese women's writing in English

Group C sessions (choose 1 of 7)


C1 An effective & successful tertiary enabling program?

C2 Merging pedagogy

C3 LLN in the global marketplace

C4 Implementing lit'y & num'y support for students enrolled in VET

C5 Embedding English LLN: Theory to Practice

C6 A pilot literacy prog for rehab of correc-tions facility inmates

C7 The virtual classroom

Group D sessions (choose 1 of 7)


D1 Sugar-coating the pill? Embedding academic literacy in postgrad voc education

D2 Professional learning communities

D3 Policy making at a distance

D4 Taking an embedded literacy & numeracy whole org. approach

D5 The Foundation Skills Training Package in Practice

D6 Ethics in the gaol

D7 personalised learning environments for the LLN classroom

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Creating educational pathways

Developing the LLN workforce

Interrogating theories and policies

Embedding LLN in VET

Colloquium: Literacies, multi-modalities and learning in museums

Strengthening communities

Innovative learning environments

Group E sessions (choose 1 of 7)



E1 Applied academic literacy

E2 Teaching practices & learner behaviours in the LLNP

E3 Beyond the 'new literacy studies'

E4 Get real

E5 Colloquium: what literacies mean in multi-modal text environments

E6 One size does not fit all

E7 Design of networked learning environments

Group F sessions (choose 1 of 7)


F1 Collaboration in post-secondary settings

F2 The role of the VET educator in incorp LLN in VET

F3 Culturally responsive?

F4 Embedding LLN in vocational & workplace training

F5 Colloquium continues

F6 From little things big things grow

F7 Sing for your English

Group G sessions (choose 1 of 7)


G1 Apprentice mentoring

G2 National Foundation Skills Workforce Development project

G3 Practitioner memory of governmental presentism

G4 Wrap around support for vocational training

G5 tbc

G6 Stories from the edge

G7 Reading, writing, counting & playing games

Group H sessions (choose 1 of 7)


H1 Integrating literacy & numeracy: a Swedish case study

H2 Seeking the N in LLN

H3 What can we learn from boxes of stuff?

H4 Reading instructional texts in vocational training

H5 Models of Work Experience / Work Observation in SEE

H6 The who, what and why of money problems

H7 Blended learning model for teaching & learning language prog