2017 ACAL Conference - 'Traders, Neighbours and Intruders: Points of Contact'

In 2017 the Australian Council for Adult Literacy celebrates 40 years actively promoting language, literacy, numeracy, and communication advocacy and research. The Conference offers delegates a unique opportunity to explore the conditions required for more critically engaged debates about local, regional and global provision. Northern Australia provides a rich location in which to challenge stereotypes, reinvigorate relationships and provoke new conceptualisations of participation.

Conference strands include:

  • 21st Century identities and citizenship traditions
  • Institutional and nation state routines and participation practices
  • Digital and computational practices in a mobile world

Presenters are encouraged to think about how these themes capture:

  • cross-cultural practices and identities andhow these have changed over time
  • the implications for locating oneself in the ‘LLN’ or alternative fields
  • advances in technology and how these shape and re-shape communication practices and identities
  • assessment, surveillance and power in formal and non-formal education
  • citizenship practices and texts that produce transnational networks.