2015 ACAL Conference - Adelaide - Sep 24 and 25, 2015

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Adult language, literacy and numeracy educators and learners need the resilience to adjust to the evolving economic, social and political climate. This means being bold, adaptable, flexible, courageous and willing to take risks.

A major risk for educators is the range of external pressures which threaten the continued provision of quality programs. The risk for learners is not reaching their full potential. For the preservation of quality programs all stakeholders must be influenced by current research, maintain professional standards, advocate, and engage learners in order for the sector to evolve and maintain relevance.

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Research and Practice in Adult Literacies - RaPAL

RaPAL is a UK based organisation that focuses on the role of literacies in adult life. RaPAL does this by

  • promoting effective and innovative practices in adult literacies teaching, learning and research

  • supporting adult literacies practitioners and researchers

  • engaging in debates that touch on English language and literacy, numeracy and digital skills across homes, communities and workplaces.

ACAL is actively seeking opportunities to share with RaPAL for the benefit of members of both organisations.

See details of the proposed ACAL-RaPAL Student Stories Project.

A remote solution to strengthening workforce capacity in LLN

Ros Bauer

Listen again

The webinar is now available on the ACAL YouTube channel.


Some webinar feedback

  • Great practical demonstration about what can work, can we have more examples like this to show what does work

  • Thanks again. Great presentation.

  • Inspiring

  • Fabulous way to engage a broad range of people important topic.

  • (And yes, the sound was an issue for some. Apologies, we'll look at ways to improve it for future webinars.)

What was the program Ros mentioned?

More on the SkillSet

The webinar covered the benefits of engaging with the TAESS00009 Address Foundation Skills in Vocational Practice Skillset.

Free downloadable IBSA Implementation guide for the Skillset

Ros Bauer was the 2013 Australian Training Awards Winner – Excellence in Adult Language Literacy Numeracy Practice. (see YouTube) She is passionate about implementing programs to support people with the development of their language, literacy and numeracy skills. With a Masters of Education, specialising in literacy and teaching English to speakers of other languages, and with more than 17 years’ experience in the field, Ros is currently working with Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse learners, trainers , mentors and other support staff, in the remote Northern Territory community of Yuendumu.

Cuba's Yo Si Puedo. A Global Literacy Movement

Since it was first trialled in Haiti in 2000, Cuba’s Yo, Si Puedo model for mounting mass adult literacy campaigns has mobilised over six million people in twenty-nine countries to acquire basic literacy.

Despite this global reach, the model has attracted almost no close study from adult education and literacy researchers in the English-speaking world. Cuba’s unique south-south approach to international aid and cooperation and its extensive experience with mass literacy campaigns over more than five decades makes this model a classic case study for postcolonial education theory and practice.

This paper begins this analysis, by identifying some of the key elements of the Yo Si Puedo model and its emancipatory potential. It is based on evidence collected in an extended participatory action research project during Yo, Si Puedo’s deployment in Timor-Leste’s national literacy campaign (2007-2011) and in a recent pilot study of the model in three Indigenous communities in Australia (2012-2014).

The authors of this paper, Bob Boughton and Deborah Durnan, have spoken at recent ACAL and state conferences.


Soraya Daniel attended the World Indigenous Peoples Conference in Education

Soraya Daniel on YoutubeThe ACAL Executive gave a donation of $500 to support Soraya Daniel, a Torres Strait Islander living and working in the Tanami Desert, to attend the World Indigenous Peoples Conference in Education (WIPCE) in Hawaii in May.

Soraya is very dedicated to supporting Warlpiri people in employment and training. Ros Bauer, Winner - Excellence in Adult Language Literacy Numeracy Practice, Australian Training Awards 2013 has been mentoring her for the past two years to develop her understanding of adult literacy practices. Soraya has previously participated in Indigenous leadership training which included regular trips to parliament, meeting with ministers about community issues and coming up with local strategies. The WIPCE conference is ideal to develop Soraya's knowledge of governance, leadership and educational strategies in Indigenous contexts. ACAL is pleased to support the development of Indigenous policy and practice in adult literacy and numeracy.

2014 Annual General Meeting

New Committee Executive

The AGM voted the following peple into leadership roles.

President: Jenni Anderson; Vice-President: Keiko Yasukawa; Treasurer: Lorraine Sushames

Subsequently the committee voted Carol Macreadie into the role of ACAL Secretary. Welcome Carol.

Geri PanciniGeri Pancini - Life Member At the AGM ACAL

Life Membership was awarded to Geri Pancini. Geri Pancini, ACAL’s immediate past President has tendered her resignation from the ACAL Committee, due to her mounting commitments in her workplace. Geri was ACAL President during 2009-2012, a critical period for the adult literacy and numeracy community.

She came into her role at the beginning of national discussions about a new national policy for adult literacy and numeracy which became the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults.

Read more about Geri's contribution

Complete the National Foundation Skills Survey

ACAL would like to encourage all adult literacy and numeracy teachers/tutors/practitioners to complete the National Foundation Skills Survey. This is important so that the Australian Government is able to identify who is working in the Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) sector, and where there are gaps with fewer qualified practitioners in regional, rural or remote or even metropolitan areas.

Please encourage any colleagues working in this area within your networks to complete the survey.

There is also an opportunity to share stories from the field about how you became an adult LLN teacher/tutor/practitioner .


2014 ACAL Conference 'Literacy: a learning spiral for life'

2014 Conference logoThanks to presenters and participants for a very successful and inspirational conference.

Presentations are available online for our keynote speakers and many of our session presenters.


Professional profiles for Adult Numeracy Teachers and Adult Literacy Teachers

vernier calipersHow do we, as adult literacy and numeracy practitioners want to define our professional identity? What dispositions, knowledge and skills do we have that distinguish us, and express our values and relationships with our learners?

ACAL has drafted these two sets of Professional Profiles, one for Adult Numeracy Teachers and one for Adult Literacy Teachers. We acknowledge the work published by the Australian Council of TESOL Associations (ACTA) in 2006.

Profiles for adult numeracy teachers

Profiles for adult literacy teachers

This is the focus of a session at the 2014 ACAL Conference.

Webinar - 'Building Strength with Numeracy' free VALBEC resources

ACAL and QCAL had a webinar on using the free VALBEC numeracy resources. Over 100 people joined in while the author, Beth Marr, took us through some strategic thinking as well as presentation tips.

This event is now concluded but you can still watch it.

YouTube and numeracy logo

Download the free resources

Glossary of terms

The NCVER website has a glossary of terms that are very useful and updated regularly. The glossary includes:

  • VET terms and concepts, including adult and continuing education and lifelong learning

  • Australian VET organisations and some key international VET organisations

  • Key Australian historical documents

  • VET-related acronyms.

Articles and publications

Literacy and Numeracy Studies: An international journal in the education and training of adults

Access the journal.


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2014 Conference

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Taking the Lead

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This is a one-stop shop for information and advice on developing core language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills in the service industries.