Conference proceedings

Only papers received prior to the start of the conference were included in these proceedings. This is, therefore, just a sample of those presentations on offer. Papers have been published as submitted.

All abstracts were reviewed by a conference committee comprising ACAL Executive and Conference Program Committee members.

Full paper submission was through two options: peer reviewed papers and short articles.

Peer reviewed papers are tagged ** and were subjected to an anonymous blind review of the paper in its entirety by two independent experts from the vocational and LLN field.

Results of the peer review process were reported directly to the authors and recorded by the Academic Program Chair. Any papers assessed for provisional acceptance were returned to the author/s to address required revisions prior to inclusion in the conference proceedings. The refereeing system was administered by the International Graduate Centre of Education (IGCE) at Charles Darwin University.

The Australian Council for Adult Literacy would like to thank the International Graduate Centre of Education for their generous support in the publication of these papers.

Thank also go to the reviewers: Elaine Butler; Johanna Funk; Steven Hodge; Peter Kell; Linda Mahony; Janine Oldfield; Jean Searle; Cheryl Wiltshire; and Keiko Yasukawa.